• Maritza Ortiz – Marketing Manager – Viaventure Central America

    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Becky. She is brilliant, full of ideas and with her “can do attitude” she will be able to help DMCs, inbound operators and hotels grow and increase sales and develop and strengthen their operations & the internal systems. Highly recommend her!

  • Paul Stratton – Director – The Italian Specialist

    Becky is a dynamic and forward thinking individual with a proven track record of setting up and establishing a very successful business which went on to become the market leader in its sector. She's a real people's person, fun to work with and possesses great interpersonal skills and a high level of emotional intelligence. With a keen sense of humour, she fully understands the importance of building excellent relationships in this people driven industry, whilst ensuring a keen eye is kept on the bottom line.

  • Helena Lewis – Director – Heliotropic, Exclusive Travel

    I have known and worked with Becky for 10 years now in many different capacities and her knowledge, understanding, vision and enthusiasm never cease to amaze me.  Her support and advice to me while I set up my own business has been invaluable due to her grounded but forward-thinking personality. She is a joy to work with.

  • Joshua Smith – Tourism Influencer & Entrepreneur – Global Citizen Journeys

    I've had the pleasure of working with Becky when she was with a Central American DMC to operate privately-guided journeys for affluent clientele. Becky is well-versed in the needs of the North American traveller and can provide great value to other companies trying to target this market through her vast network of buyers and exemplary operations within a DMC.

  • Julie Kee – Director of Sales – Tropic Air Belize

    I had the opportunity of working with Becky when she was working with Viaventure Central America, a premier and well-known tour operator offering unique tailor-made adventures within the Central America market. Becky is a great resource and expertise on DMCs , tour operators and accommodations. She is very knowledgeable in helping these entities develop and grow not only in the sales and marketing field but also the operational side of the business- someone who truly understands the market and has the vision for success. In addition, she is a dedicated, fun, genuine and affable individual with great networking skills. I highly recommend her and I'm confident that she will prove an asset to your organization.

  • Maru Acevedo – Oficial de Turismo Sostenible

    Becky is a very recognized professional in the tourism sector in Guatemala.  During her stay in our country, working with Viaventure, she has been promoting sustainable tourism in different communities and destinations, in a very professional and effective way. It's been a pleasure working with Becky during my activities as Deputy Director at the Guatemala Tourism Board as well as from the Chamber of Tourism of Guatemala.

  • Matt Bokor – Writer / Editor

    Becky has outstanding, first-hand expertise in all areas of destination management. I've known Becky since 2002 when she and two colleagues launched their DMC in Central America. It's grown from the original three founders into a thriving business with approximately 50 employees. Going beyond the conventional destination management menu, Becky incorporates cultural and environmental sensitivities into the equation. With her technical expertise, organisational skills, and forward-thinking, she can design the internal systems and structure required for sustainable growth, as evidenced by the success of her original DMC. Becky can help DMCs, inbound operators and accommodations develop themselves as an organisation and grow in terms of sales and marketing. On top of all that, she has a wonderful sense of humour, a positive outlook, and endless creative energy. Becky is a pleasure to work with and I'm happy to recommend her.

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