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For DMCs, Local Operators, Accommodation Providers and Destinations, developing (B2B) sales to the travel trade is a unique skill requiring a number of different techniques over time and an area that is often not given enough attention. Time spent on your sales & marketing strategy means you not only sell more – you stop wasting time, which in turn increases your profitability and performance.

At Travel Kinship we have developed a series of techniques and activities for developing your sales and marketing with the travel trade. Our aim is to construct strategies, tactics and activities that move your perfect type of customer along the “sales funnel” from first getting their attention to making a “sale” to building a long-lasting and powerful business relationship with them.

By analysing your existing sales, categorising your clients and formulating “Client Development Plans” for your different client segments using our recommendations, you can start to not only to sell more but to improve your client relationships, business reputation, product development and all manner of knock-on effects.

Businesses need to build a clear picture of who your perfect clients and customers are, your “buyer personas.” Only when you are really sure of who you want to sell to and why can you then start to construct sales and marketing strategies and tactics which will attract and engage them.

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