Safety & Sustainability

Safety and Sustainability are perhaps THE key issues of this period in the travel industry. They are also ones that affect your sales. Do you know how to carry out a risk analysis and prove to customers that they are safe in your hands? Prove how sustainable you are or are working towards?

Having founded and operated a successful tour operator in 5 countries across Central America as well as the ATLAS Association, our founder and team know a lot about placing safety as a top priority and minimising risk to customers, staff and suppliers alike. It is now the top concern of most consumers when selecting where to travel and who to travel with or do business with. Tourism businesses need a robust risk analysis system and to use it to continually improve their safety performance and most important – be able to demonstrate and communicate that to customers.

Sustainability is not only essential to preserving the very nature of tourism but it is actually a mechanism by which to greatly improve the effective and efficient operations of your business and to improve your profitability and reputation.

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