About Us

Travel Kinship is a business consultancy to the travel industry. Our aim is to help you develop and grow your tourism business in a profitable, ethical and sustainable way.

We aim to be a family of sustainable travel businesses and travellers who want to make sustainable, responsible travel the “norm,” THE way to explore, enjoy and protect our world.

Travel Kinship is made up of established tourism experts and business owners who understand how to set up, grow and sustain an operator or accommodation provider within the shifting landscape of the Tourism Supply Chain.

We are strategic thinkers and planners who can work with you to set up a roadmap into the future which monitors and takes advantage of trends in customer and market requirements, innovations in technology and the shifting global environment.

We have a huge, worldwide reach of business contacts in all types of tourism markets with which we can help you to develop your sales and marketing. We understand traditional, content, relationship and digital marketing and how it can support your business goals.

We have a keen focus on supporting and developing profitable businesses with a strong sustainability and ethical business culture. We partner with key sustainable/responsible travel organisations and businesses to always deliver best practice solutions in these areas.

We are also a social enterprise whose aim is to use a portion of our profits to support small, sustainable travel businesses develop their businesses

As well as being a business development organisation, we are also a membership organisation. A family. we offer free, online resources to all our clients so that we can support you into the future in a cost-effective manner and also offer like-minded business with a networking platform.

Travel Kinship can help your organisation with anything from building and implementing an annual strategic business plan, developing your sales and marketing processes to creating risk assessment systems.

Let us conduct an initial business review with you to find out

  • what problems do you currently have?
  • what are your most pressing business concerns?
  • what are your priorities?
  • what do you not have the time, resource or expertise to do yourselves?

Talk to us to see if we can help – however big or small the project – we would love to see if we can help and take our first steps together on a business growth and sustainable travel journey.

Have a look at some of the types of project areas we can – but are by no means limited to – help you with.

Let’s chat! Contact me on becky@travelkinship.com


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