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As you may know, my journey in the Luxury and Adventure Travel Industry over the past 20 years has been its own real-life adventure – full of success and failure with lashings of experience and learning. I set up the successful DMC in Central America – I started a boutique Travel Agency called and have developed some DAM/product sourcing software, .

With my consultancy and representation company , I am working with my amazing clients on strategic planning, sales and marketing support, product development and all areas of business systems and growth. Together we are building strong, unique businesses which operate efficiently and effectively so that you can breathe a sigh of relief to work with them.

I whole-heartedly believe my clients offer what travel companies now need more than ever in terms of product, service and safety during and beyond this terrible pandemic.  

  • Sustainability engrained in everything they do – they do it and do it really well.
  • Inclusivity – everyone is welcome, encouraged and taking part – broaden the visitor’s horizons and perspectives.
  • Rock stars of “Off the beaten trail” – we “spread the wealth” and get into and support smaller, more rural and less-visited yet often the most fascinating communities.
  • Quality over quantity – slow travel, slow food, the best in personalisation and customer service.
  • Road trip options – ways to add more sense of freedom, adventure, challenge and sense of achievement for travellers.
  • Hands-on, professional owners who are truly knowledgable and creative – suppliers who care, work with passion and have a creative flair.
  • Luxury with less bling and more belonging – protecting local heritage, involving local people and communities, sense of place and authenticity. Luxury in the strength and positive impact of the experience.

We want to be an essential arm of your business and grow together. Always innovating, always delivering, always supporting you and making you look great to your clients.

My clients are unpretentious, modest and a bit shy at letting the market know just how good they are. They often work with some of the world’s leading and most discerning luxury, adventure operators but they don’t brag. They also have hidden depths and you just can’t know their personalities and their amazing stories, histories, experiences and passions just by their websites.

Here is a summary of my current and wonderful clients. You are going to love them! Let’s chat soon! 

Italy Charme Moreno Morreti

Italy Charme: Moreno Moretti

ITALY: An amazing boutique Italian operator who specialises in gastronomy, wine, artisans and off the beaten track experiential and slow travel in the southern areas of Italy like Sicily, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria and Le Marche. An operator full of character, charm, creativity and hugely professional. Also operates the highlight areas with unique insider access and always weaving participation into each day. Unique places to stay with a great sense of belonging and without charging a fortune.



Tanit Trails, Peru with Travel Kinship

Tanit Trails: – Nico Ramirez

PERU: An incredible hidden gem in Peru. Arguably the best gastronomy, artisan and true wellness/spiritual experiences available. Fantastic off the beaten track experiences for first or second or third-time visitors including 4×4 self-drive options. Hands-on owner with great passion, knowledge and experience. Huge expertise in active pursuits, trekking and true expeditions. So much variety. Great partnerships with Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia for combo-trips.



All Roads North, USA Road Trips with Travel Kinship

All Roads North: Sam Highley

USA (CANADA, ALASKA): Luxury road trips expertly designed to show travellers how under-estimated the USA is amongst the world’s travellers. Wonderful range of vehicle options, local experts, specialists and guides who connect travellers to the essence, gastronomy and history of each unique area. Boutique, authentic properties and private residences. Fantastic customer service and concierge offering. Don’t charge inappropriate fees. Coming soon hand-picked experiences and operations in Western Canada and Alaska.


Adventure International Luxury Trekking & Mountaineering with Travel KinshipAdventure International: – Frank Castro

WORLDWIDE: Luxury expeditions, trekking and hardcore mountaineering experiences around the world including Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Everest Base Camp + and Mont Blanc. Mountain biking safaris and unique hiking in Tanzania. Unique luxury glamping in Peru, Nepal, Guatemala and Tanzania. An operator with the utmost focus on safety and sustainability and getting travellers to see the world in a challenging, unique and interactive way.

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